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Monday, March 16, 2009

Watercolor Progress "Hobby"

I haven't worked a lot on this due to a remodeling project is the studio but did manage to get in a few hours. I have the eye defined a bit and you can see some of the dimension in the muscles and facial structures.

Vignettes are a bit of a challenge for me. I never know where to end them. This was supposed to be an 11 x 14 but the horse did not fit comfortably into that space so I had to re-draw it. It needed the extra space in front of the nose.

The studio is still a work in progress. We decided to put a landing at the bottom of the stairs which meant opening up the head space and properly re-configuring the plumbing and wiring. We were going to do this at a later date but decided that it made sense to do it now and deal with the mess. It also allows us to properly install the new lighting and ceiling. My husband is a true craftsman! He had to rebuild a wall that had been put up crooked which made more mess but it will be so much better in the long run.

I just ordered some beautiful hanging flower baskets to hang outside the windows of the studio. My hummingbirds will be so happy when they get here. Actually, the hummers will arrive before the flowers so will have to keep the feeders fresh for them! I love Spring!

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