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Patricia Getha
Fine Art and Photography

Specializing in Wild and Domestic Animal Portraiture
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A graduate of the University of Cincinnati, and award-winning artist and photographer, Pat worked in the graphic arts industry as a pre-press professional for more than 20 years before pursuing a lifelong desire to paint, draw and photograph her favorite animals. Her photography, a natural extension and compliment to her art, has served her well when choosing a subject to paint or draw. Her subjects are always captured through her lens or observed in person, preferably in a natural environment.
Miniature Fine Art is defined as art that is 1/6 in scale or smaller produced using traditional styles and methods. The physical size of a two dimensional piece is typically 25 square inches or less. Each painting, drawing or other medium must be able to stand up under magnification as if it were a larger piece of work. This is the challenge of painting them!
“While I tend to paint small works in general, I love painting miniatures! The very size of a miniature draws the viewer in for a closer look. A miniature painting can take every bit as long to paint as a larger work and I love the challenges they present, slowly building layer upon layer of glazes to achieve the texture and feel of fur or the softness of a horse’s muzzle.”
Pat has authored and illustrated several how-to-draw books for Walter Foster Publishing, a company who has been teaching people to draw and paint for more than 90 years! Her titles focus on drawing horses which have been a life-long passion and continue to inspire and influence her art.
A member of the Miniature Art Society of Florida and the Cider Painters of America, Pat exhibits her work in several national shows a year. Her award winning artwork and can be found in many private collections throughout the United States.
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