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Monday, February 28, 2011

Art Show at the Dog Show 2011

The Art Show at the Dog Show is now online and the winners are posted. I am happy to report that my two pieces have won awards in the Photography category. "Beauty and Grace" a beautiful shot of my friend's Borzoi Hound took Third place in Photography. My other piece, "Field of Dreams" an Afghan Hound has won the Best Depiction of an Afghan Hound award. Hopefully someone likes them enough to buy!


Judy Wood said...

Congratulations. Those are both lovely shots and well deserving of the recognition they have received!

twistedarrow said...

Congratulations!!!! The Borzoi piece is SO gorgeous! Still my favorite :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Patricia:
I was also an artist in the Art Show at the Dog Show. I just wanted to tell you how phenomenal your photo of the Borzoi was!!! I can't take my eyes off of it. The lighting, the grace pose----- just plain gorgeous. Will you be doing a painting of that?
Great job!! Emily Sloviko