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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New Miniature Painting “Canis lupus baileyi” (Mexican Wolf)

Canis lupus baileyi_mexican wolf_webCanis lupus baileyi (Mexican Wolf)
4 x 3.5 Oil on Board
by Patricia Getha ©2011
I frequently visit the wolves at the Columbus Zoo and they never disappoint. These Mexican Wolves are highly endangered in the wild. Sadly, destruction of habitat and human encroachment has diminished the numbers to a critical level. The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium has a family group and has successfully bred several litters over the years.

PAG_0854I have a lot of great photos of these wonderful animals. Shot one was taken before the winter snows had melted. The light was fantastic this day. The other shot was taken a week later on an overcast day. The wolves and animals in general are a lot more active during the winter months. I highly recommend visiting your zoo on cool winter and spring days.PAG_2070 web

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