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Friday, January 9, 2009

Welcome to Patricia Getha Fine Art and Photography

I thought I would give this blogging thing a whirl since it seems like I never have time to get my web site updated. I thought this might be easier for friends and family to keep up with the latest. I can't guarantee that I will keep up with it but will try.

I take a lot of photos, so many that it is difficult for me to keep track and pick out my favorites. I will post some of those here. My focus lately has been on birds. I love everything about them and have had a few in my day or raised chicks from hatchlings that have fallen out of their nest. I just ordered a couple of bluebird houses and new feeders with a gift certificate that I had won with a photo of a cardinal in the snow.

The spring brings many species to my property located on the scenic Scioto River in Ohio. One of the species I am hoping to capture this year is the Northern Oriole which nest in the sycamore trees in the front of my property. The males really sing up a storm. I always hear them before I see them. This year I will try to attract them with sweet treats!

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Judy Wood said...

Yes! Exciting to see that we can have regular (I hope) access to your stunning images. Just kind of found this by accident today. Any chance of you installing an email sign-up option, so new posts come to our in-boxes? Or is it there somewhere and I missed it?