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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Studio Updates

Lately I have been spending time cleaning and remodeling my studio so I can get back to some constructive work. I have the walls newly painted in white and have ordered a hanging system for displaying my framed pieces. This serves several purposes...... it gets the work out of the closet and the boxes where most is stored, it lets me look at the work with fresh eyes and it makes the walls look nice! My husband built some vertical storage under the stairwell for matboard, frames, portfolios and other things that are always in the way and cluttering up my work space. We are installing a new ceiling, full spectrum light fixtures, and ceramic flooring (which will come later).

I haven't decided on window treatments yet. I have two large windows that look out to the pastures and the flowerbeds. These windows face south but are shaded by the deck overhead. I have a new door too which is not drafty like the old one and I hung a seed feeder so that I can look out the window any time and see the birds. In the summer I will hang hummingbird feeders and hanging baskets of flowers. I can't wait until it is finished!

I am thinking of "naming" my new studio. We live on the Scioto River so I was thinking something along the lines on Scioto Side Studio or something with Sycamore in it since that is one of the most prevalent trees in our front yard. We also have lots of Eastern Redbuds so perhaps I should use something with Redbud in the name......suggestions welcome.........

In the meantime, here are a few more images from the trip to Amish country. The last one is my filly, Gracie.


Linda Shantz said...

Wow she's really grown, Pat! She's looking great!

Patricia Getha said...

yes she is growing into that rump. She should! She is eating a ton! She gets 6 lbs of grain a day and half a bale of good hay! She is also a different horse now that she is not sick....a bit spoiled and a lot more lively. I have to take the lunge whip with me when I go in the pasture. She thinks I am some kind of play thing and has nearly nailed me a couple of times. Dangerous behavior and something I have to address.

Sue Steiner said...

Your studio sounds lovely Pat! As always your photos are beautiful.